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dates to take note of

September 7 – Labour Day

How to use the prompt guide

This guide is intended to provide some general prompts which will support you to post on your social media channels with consistency. They are meant to prompt planning for when you feel stuck with “what the heck do I post?”. This is not intended for use during an offer launch cycle.

Having a solid plan to post consistently will create consistency in both messaging and the amount you are posting (we use once a day as a guideline – you may choose to post more frequently or less frequently depending on your business’ needs).

We’ve left space to give each day a goal. Determine if that day’s post will:

(1)  Attract your Ideal Customer (let them get to know you and your business)
(2) Convert your audience to purchase or opt-in to an offer (for the audience members who you’ve built trust with)
(3) Engage your audience in conversation (further build the know and like factor for your audience)

Create your calls to action (be clear – let your audience know what action you want them to take) based on the goals of the post.

Some general content tips –

(A) Use images where possible – they tend to have higher engagement rates (and some platforms require them like Instagram) – but be certain to maintain visual cohesion across your images
(B) Determine if you’d like to work with a theme for the month – not necessary but it does help to focus caption writing
(C) Include elements of storytelling to create an emotional connection to your content