It's not just a #hashtag. it's an opportunity.

get started on your hashtag strategy - today

Are you…

👉🏽 using hashtags on all your content on Instagram – but it’s just not giving you the engagement you expected?
👉🏽 spending an hour on your hashtags for every single post?
👉🏽 crossing your fingers and hoping the Instagram algorithm is in a good mood today?

Now, Imagine…

feeling confident about your hashtag strategy
attracting a highly engaged following who keep coming back for more
optimizing your hashtag reach
√ working with
the algorithm
getting more eyes on your content


hashtag smashtag

A tool to help you optimize your hashtag strategy and keep your hashtag lists from going stale

optimize your hashtag strategy

Your brand and business are unique. Your hashtag strategy should be too!

leverage your time

Set up your hashtag lists, then let the randomizer do all the work.

curate hashtag lists that work with the algorithm

Reach your ideal audience with confidence.

Create a gameplan that will leave people asking “where’d you get that hashtag?!”

Hashtag Smashtag…

√ Uses Google Sheets
√ Is a place to curate your hashtag lists
√ Helps you group your hashtags by category
√  Uses just two clicks to generate a hashtag list, once your database is filled in – saves time, every time
√ Keeps every hashtag list unique – no more stale or repetitive lists for you! (and that keeps the algorithm happy)
√ Is jam-packed with tips and tricks to help you grow your account

We’re Lisa and Jennifer 

We’re for showing up and doing the work to get your business off the ground – and then get consistent so it grows. But we’re even more for doing it in a way that saves you valuable time.

We built this tool to use in our business to optimize our hashtag strategy. And decided it was too good to keep to ourselves. So we’re sharing it with you…

We’re not reinventing the business wheel here – but we are going to help you get it spinning in the right direction. 

what’s inside …

Hashtag Randomizer

Google Sheets gives this tool it’s superpowers – so you can keep your hashtags fresh with every post.

$ 57 Value

Hashtag Starter Kit

A download that will help kickstart your hashtag list growth like a pro.

$ 27 Value

All About Hashtags

Learn how hashtags work on Instagram and how to put them to work for you.

$ 27 Value

Curate Your Hashtag Lists

Learn how to curate your hashtag lists – that attract YOUR ideal audience.

$ 47 Value

Bonus - Grow on Instagram

Learn some Instagram basics and the ins and outs of account growth.

$ 47 Value

Your investment – $205  $37