It’s not just a #hashtag.
It’s an opportunity.

build connection, drive engagement, and make it easy for your dream clients to find you

The Hashtag tool that saves you time, every time

What's Inside Hashtag Smashtag - Hashtag Strategy for Time-Strapped Entrepreneurs

There are more than one billion people on Instagram.

your audience is there, and a well-planned
hashtag strategy can help you connect with them

Let’s face it, Instagram can be a confusing platform to grow an account on.

You’re doing all the things the Instagram experts have told you to do already:

√ posting lovely images
√ nailing your content
√ staying consistent with your posting schedule and your messaging

And yes, you’re using hashtags (Yay, you! 🎉)

But  — you’re spending an hour on your hashtags for every single post (or at least it feels that long…)

But — you’re just crossing your fingers and hoping the Instagram algorithm is in a good mood today

But — you’re just not getting the visibility or traction you expected with the hashtags you’re using 

We know how frustrating getting a good hashtag strategy in
place can be – Because we experienced all three of those things

In fact, we pretty much gave up on hashtags for a few months – they just seemed like more trouble than they were worth. And our visibility tanked – understandably.

When we made the decision to really give Instagram a fair shot, we dug in deep on strategy. And hashtags just kept coming back to us as a tactic for growth – like an earworm we couldn’t shake.

And when we made it our mission to give hashtags a fair shot, we learned why they hadn’t been working for us.

Common hashtag mistakes 👇🏼

the problem

filling hashtag lists with very high volume tags
(more than a million uses)

the solution

using a blend of high volume tags and niche tags will put you in front of the audience you really want to reach

the problem

using the same 7 to 10 hashtag lists over and over again can work against an account’s visibility

the solution

creating a unique list for each piece of content means your content gets in front of a new and appropriate audience every time

the problem

using hashtags that are not relevant to the content hoping to get a visibility boost

the solution

building lists of highly relevant and targeted tags keeps you in the algorithm’s good books – and attracts the right audience

We really wanted to streamline our own hashtag strategy and avoid making any common hashtag mistakes.

We needed a tool that took the curated list of hashtags we’d built and generate a unique list based on the criteria we input.

None of the awesome hashtag tools out there did exactly what we needed them to do. We checked and double-checked.

When we couldn’t find one, we built our own…


hashtag smashtag

A tool to help you streamline your hashtag strategy and keep your hashtag lists from going stale


feeling confident about your hashtag strategy
attracting a highly engaged following who keep coming back for more
optimizing your hashtag reach
√ working with
the algorithm
getting more eyes on your content

Create a gameplan that will leave people asking “where’d you get that hashtag?!”

The Hashtag Randomizer is for the time-strapped Instagram account owner who is looking to leverage their hashtags (and their time) to boost their visibility.

It will work for every industry, every niche and every single kind of topic, no matter how unique it is.

Hashtag Smashtag will help you to:

Curate Highly Targeted and Relevant Hashtag Lists 

The Hashtag Randomizer tool pulls from a hashtag database that you’ve built to generate lists. That means that you can populate it with only the tags that are relevant to your content.

leverage your time on Instagram – spend it on activities that build your visibility

Instagram account growth relies on human connection – so the time you’re spending there should be spent on activities that are feeding that connection – not scrambling to perfect a hashtag list every single post.

generate unique lists that work with the algorithm and reach your ideal audience with confidence

The Hashtag Randomizer will generate a unique list based on the category you’d like and the desired number of hashtags. The possibilities are endless. And a unique list every single time keeps the algorithm happy.

Well…I LOVE the course and product! I used the generator last night for my first post and it’s so easy!

Not even what I love most about this.

It helped me to think in new ways. I didn’t have a hashtag strategy AT ALL. I just randomly picked a few of the top ones not even realizing how beneficial it could be to mix it up!

Also, I’m now following hashtags I added to my Niche and Tiny Tag list. I’ve started engaging with those posts when it feels right.

Thank you! This is a great product and I for sure will be singing its praises.

Instagram – @amylinsmeyer

Amy L.

what’s inside Hashstag Smashtag?

What's Inside Hashtag Smashtag - Hashtag Strategy for Time-Strapped Entrepreneurs

Here’s what you’re going to get…

What's inside of the Google Spreadsheet for Hashtag Smashtag (a hashtag strategy tool)

The Hashtag Randomizer

Powered by Google Sheets

Google Sheets gives this tool it’s superpowers.

And it’s an incredibly powerful tool to have in your Instagram toolkit.

With this tool, you can…
√ build a database filled with relevant and targeted hashtags of all sizes
√  group hashtags by size and/or topic
√  generate a unique hashtag list based on the criteria you require using just two clicks 
√ develop a strategy for your account – or use the two example strategies to get started!


all about hashtags

Learn how Hashtags Work on Instagram and how to put them to work for you


curate your hashtags

Learn how to curate your hashtag lists – that attract YOUR ideal audience.


hashtag starter kit

A download that will help kickstart your hashtag list growth like a pro.


Bonus - growing on instagram

Learn some Instagram basics and the ins and outs of account growth.

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total value : CAD $205

Your Investment today  ➡️ CAD $37

We’re Lisa and Jennifer 

We’re for showing up and doing the work to get your business off the ground – and then get consistent so it grows. But we’re even more for doing it in a way that saves you valuable time.

We built this tool to use in our business to optimize our hashtag strategy. And decided it was too good to keep to ourselves. So we’re sharing it with you…

We’re not reinventing the business wheel here – but we are going to help you get it spinning in the right direction. 

Lisa and Jennifer - founders of Success and the Shy Girl

Have more questions? Here are some answers!

Who is hashtag smashtag for?

This tool is for anyone on Instagram who is looking to streamline and save time on their hashtag strategy.

It’s suited to every industry and every niche – because it’s 100% customizable!

Does the Randomizer come prepopulated with popular hashtags?

The Randomizer, when copied over to your Google Drive, does not contain any hashtags. It comes ready to fill with your own targeted and relevant hashtags.

How long does it take to create my hashtag database and will you show me how?

Yes! We’ll show you how to find hashtags that are relevant and will help attract the right types of people to your content.

Creating a large enough database for the randomizer to work will take a few hours of work.

But that work up front will save you time, every time later on!

IS the randomizer available on excel?

This tool is not currently available on Excel and is only built for Google Spreadsheets at this time.

Do I get lifetime access?

You sure do!

If any additional course content is added, or the current material is updated, the course site will automatically be updated and we’ll let you know with a quick email.

Same goes for the tool – as we continue to make improvements to the Randomizer’s functionality, we’ll make sure you can access the updated copy.

How quickly after I purchase can I access the learning materials and tool?

Our system is pretty quick – and your login information is usually sent within minutes.

If you’ve already purchased Hashtag Smashtag and don’t see a confirmation and login details email (and it’s not in your spam/junk folder), send us an email at support@successandtheshygirl so we can investigate and get your access sorted out ASAP.

What if I decide that Hashtag Smashtag isn't a good fit for me?

Because this is a digital product, we do not offer refunds. You can see our refund Policy here in our Terms and Conditions.

With that said, should you have any concerns please reach out for support at

are you ready to speed up and streamline your hashtag strategy?

Your Investment today  ➡️ CAD $37