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Home 9 The Vision Board Course 9 Module One | Lesson Four

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Lesson Four – Displaying and Interacting with your Vision Board

Where to Put Your Vision Board

Wherever you’ll see it daily! You can keep it in a safe corner of your closet, or out for all to see in your living space. As long as YOU see it every day.

What to do With Your Vision Board

Look at it, and truly emotionally connect with it daily. If you’re struggling with a decision or setting priorities, you can return to your vision board to help guide decision making. After all, it’s the embodiment of your core values and deepest visions for yourself.

What do I do When Something Manifests?

There are two schools of thought here. Both are fine to do, but make it consistent with any vision board you make.

1. Take it off your vision board and celebrate when it has manifested.
2. Leave it on there and celebrate that it has shown up – that gratitude is a powerful manifestation tool to bring more of what you truly desire.

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