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Lesson One – Prework

Why a Vision Board?

Vision boards are physical daily reminder of your big vision and what you’re working towards. When you use the process we’ve refined, your Vision Board will also be a reflection of your core values and your deeply held visions for yourself. It’s a highly important first step.

Our Unique Process

Manifestation is bringing something into existence using thoughts, feelings and aligned actions. These steps we’ve laid out in the prework lesson are crucial in our process – they set you up to do the deep work of creating a powerful Vision Board.

Please make sure you’ve taken the time to complete them before moving on to lesson two.

Exercise One – Clear the Cobwebs

This is a safe spot for you to acknowledge all the things you believe are holding you back from taking action on your visions. It’s also a place for you to explore the items and thoughts that are cluttering your vision of your future.

Exercise Two – Contract with Your Higher Self

Write a contract with your highest self – acknowledging all the actions you are comitting to taking so that you can show up as her every day.

Exercise Three – Core Value Declaration

This is a space to explore what core values you feel deeply connected to and you want to build your visions around. We’ve provided an example list for you. You’re welcome to use any of those or write in your own. Continue to filter your core values until you’ve found the three to five core values that you want your future to reflect.

Exercise Four – Clarity Exercise

This is a warmup for thinking without limits. Please use this space to daydream and explore expansion and abundance.

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