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Lesson Three – Create you vision Board

Selecting Images

Now it’s time to find images for your vision board. Using your preferred image resource, select relevant images that you’re drawn to. Use emotion to make your image selection at this step. Set all of your images into a pile (physical) or folder (digital) as you go.

Your next step is to sort through them all – view each image through the lens of emotion and filter it through your Core Values and your Be, Do, Have, Learn, Create exercise. If it checks all the boxes, it’s meant to be on your Vision Board.

Pro tip – use images that focus on abundance and not lack or loss. For example, having weight loss on a vision board without more specificity could manifest in weight loss through illness. Focus instead on what you want to bring in – not what you want to lose.

Time to Create

Place your final images onto your board (digital or physical) and move them around until the layout feels just right. Trust your intuition.

Pro Tip – be cautious about images touching each other. When images touch, the universe tends to assume you want them to manifest together and usually in unexpected ways. Leave space around images for the “how” it will manifest.

Enjoy the process!

And if you’d like to share your creation, we’d love to see it! Snap a picture and send it to us at

Resources for a  Physical Board
Magazines, Stickers, Images from a Web or Pinterest search
Resources for a Digital Board

Pixabay (Royalty Free Stock Images)
Unsplash (Royalty Free Stock Images)

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