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Home 9 The Vision Board Course 9 Module One | Lesson Two

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Lesson Two – Be, do , have, learn, create exercise

If you’re looking for the magic – here it is!

This specific lesson is the one that separates our vision board process from a cut and paste night with friends.

This is non-negotiable in the Practical Manifestation process. Your vision will become crystal clear during this step – a necessary ingredient in the process.

This is not a time to focus on the how – this is a time to focus on your true desires, ideas and vision. Allow them to flow without limit.

Write each vision in the present tense. I am. I have. I am (action). I am learning. I am creating.

And the more detail you’re able to add – the better. The universe likes specificity.

Be, Do, Have, Learn, Create Exercise

Be – what do you want to be and who do you want to be?
example: I am confident in my ability to create art that I love. I am a six-figure small business owner.

Do – what do you want to do?
example: I am running every day. I am showing up consistently on social media for my business by posting at least five days a week.

Have – what do you want to have? This category includes: things, feelings and relationships.
example: I have a deep connection with my children. I have my dream four bedroom home.

Learn – what do you want to learn?
example: I am learning Spanish. I am learning how to set up my website on my own.

Create – what do you want to create?
example: I am creating a tranquil space to meditate in. I am creating resources for my clients that they love!


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