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Lesson One – How Practical Manifestation Works

You’re an Active Participant

The Universe (or your Higher Power) is your co-creator in the manifestation process. You’ll still need to be taking aligned action in order to help those big visions manifest.

Keeping a High Vibration

High vibration is about being in alignment, and showing up inside your big visions as your highest self will support the manifestation process.

Use the checklist inside Workbook Two for some ideas to help you keep a high vibration.

What’s Aligned Action?

We’re defining aligned action as actions that you’re taking that are in line with your:

  1.  Core Values (your fundamental beliefs)
  2. Priorities (tasks that have importance in moving you forward towards your goals)
  3. Goals (the measurable outcomes AKA your big visions)

Be Open to the “How” Shifting

You’ve gotten clear on the what but the how may need to shift along the way. Be open to new ideas as they arise, as long as they still lead you to your end goal.

Obstacles can and will arise along your journey, learn to detour and not stop completely.

In the words of the many wise women that have come before us – be flexible with your methods, not your goals.

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