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lesson three – goal stepping and aligned action

What is Reverse Engineering?  

Reverse engineering is starting at the end (your completed goal) and then placing milestones on the way to working back to where you are right now.  

What are SMART goals? 

SMART is an acronym. It means goals that are:
S – specific
M – measurable
A – achievable/attainable
R – relevant
T – time bound

How to Plan for Aligned Action

  1. Identify your milestone markers – they’re labeled action steps on the worksheets (we’ve given you space for four – but you can print additional pages as needed if you’ve got more than four)
  2. Lay out the milestones and the corresponding micro-tasks in an order that makes sense and then assign a target date for completion.
  3. Transfer them to your chosen planner (ours is a wonderful option!)
  4. Take action.
  5. Celebrate when you’ve reached your goal!


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