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lesson two – setting up a goal to manifest

This is a process that you can come back to for every single goal that you want to achieve. But lets start with one.

Pick your Vision

Take a look at your Vision Board, emotionally connect to all of the goals/visions on there and select the one that you feel the most connected to. Now you’ll:

  1. Write it out using as much description as possible using the workbook sheet “Focused Manifestation”
  2. Make a declaration commiting to taking the aligned action it requires to achieve this goal.
  3. Write it as an affirmation – more details about this in the video and the workbook.

The 55×5 Exercise

You’re going to use that affirmation you’ve created in step three above and write it out (by hand) 55 times for 5 consecutive days. This is optional but we challenge you to give this practice a try – it’s a powerful manifestation practice and a powerful psychological reminder that everything is possible.

Let’s Brainstorm on the How

Grab your notebooks for this one – it’s time to brainstorm and research the “how” of getting the outcome you’re envisioning.

This is your jumping off point – this stage will help you to develop the pathway to your end goal and may reveal to you the resources you’ll need to find, the potential challenges you might face. And being forewarned is forearmed.

The path could shift along the way – so be open to new ways of doing things that you’ve never done before. Just keep your eye on the prize (your big vision for your life).

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