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5 day self care workshop

About the workshop

Welcome to the five day self care challenge – over the time we’ll spend together, we’ll be active partners in helping you to step into daily self care (that won’t cost you a cent) – and learn to integrate that into your business as a business strategy and not an afterthought at the end of your work day.

How it works

You’ll have forever access to this training module – so you can return to it at any time in the future if you need a refresher.

While you’re with us – you’ll get some training about how to actively integrate these five self-care pillars as a business strategy. Because when you align your need for self care as an introvert, you’ll have a solid foundation to build the rest of your business on.

And although a day at the spa is an awesome experience – these five pillars will cost you nothing to implement but will provide so much in return.

Bonus Module

When you tick off all the objectives of the five days – you’re going to receive a special bonus module!  And it’s a juicy one!