The simple “dreamt it” to “did it” solution

For busy entrepreneurs already working hard in their business but struggling to get results, ready for a happier, less overwhelming way to  reach their goals.

Starts August 1st

The secret to your success

It’s a question every entrepreneur asks at some point.

How do I reach my goals faster?

Is it working harder?

Working faster?
Not that.

It must be working smarter then, right?
Nope, not that either.

But the world we live in right now – and *cough, cough* hustle culture make you think that’s what you need to do.

And because you’re comitted to reaching your goals, you’re willing to try all the things. So you try working harder, faster and smarter. Yet, those goals still seem so far away despite it all.

The end result?

Burnout. Overwhelm. Feeling blah when you reach a milestone. And for some – imposter syndrome.

It’s a cycle that feels hard to break. But the good news is that it’s actually quite simple to do.


If you’ve ever felt like your business was running you and not the other way around, it’s not your fault.

Old school business culture has conditioned entrepreneurs to believe that success and work can only look one way. And that version business culture has it all wrong.

Here’s the thing, your version of success and natural approach to work are as unique as your fingerprints.

How many times have you heard you “should”…

  • get up earlier than the sun
  • work like you don’t have a life outside your business
  • be present on ALL the social media channels
  • have a managed-to-the-minute calendar

But you’re ready to build your business in a better, more aligned YOU way.

Embracing who you are as an entrepreneur and how you work in your business is the key to unlocking the success you’re already actively working towards.

But you don’t want to sacrifice results either – so what do you do?

The key lies in aligning your actions with your core values, priorities and goals.



When we started our business in 2017, we found ourselves thrown into a whirlwind of “shoulds”. And when we realized that all those shoulds were not moving our business in a direction that felt good anymore…

…we got intentionally curious about goal-setting and goal-getting. What we discovered was goals only need 4 ingredients to go from dream to done.

After breaking it down and putting our theory into practice, our goals started to show up.

From work to rest to play (and everything in between) – there was room for it all. We stopped working on other people’s timelines and according to other people’s priorities.

It was truly our version of success come to life.


oh hey!

We’re Lisa and Jennifer, founders of Success and the Shy Girl.

Officially, we’re productivity and success strategists.
Unofficially, we’re multi-passionate entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the small business space.

We’re the creators of the Vision Success Planner™ – an innovative day planner for entrepreneurs ready to achieve success on their terms.

Our years in the small business world have taught us so many things, but this is the most important one…

Success may look different for each of us, but success is for all of us.

What does success look like for you?



the 30-day success formula

A highly flexible goal-setting and goal-getting framework that supports you to work your way without sacrificing results and where goals of every size are always welcome.

>>Starts August 1st<<

Inside the 30-Day Success formula

Using concise video lessons across four lessons, you’ll learn how to use the Success Formula for your goals and tailor it to your unique working style. You’ll use these four lessons to build out a sustainable, realistic plan to get traction on a goal this August.

Day 1 – your goals, your way

It’s time to take your big visions and make space for them in your business. Establishing your goals is the first step to reaching your version of success. You’ll finish Day 1…

  • Understanding what types of goals you truly desire and the goals your business needs when you learn the 5 goal types
  • Setting meaningful goals that inspire you on a personal level.
  • Moving out of the dreaming phase into the doing phase with the 2 goal frameworks so you’re most likely to achieve them
  • No longer feeling overwhelmed by all the shoulds as you tap into your deeper why
  • Feeling more in control of your life and destiny by understanding your unique working style

Day 2 – your goal blueprint

Every entrepreneur will have a unique blueprint for achieving their goals, and this module is all about creating yours. You’ll finish Day 2…

  • Prepared for setbacks and barriers so you glide through them if they happen
  • With a complete picture of the resources you already have and the ones you’ll need to gather
  • Having a goal that feels achievable with the reverse-engineering exercise
  • Knowing the next steps you need to take on your goal

Day 3 – Your sustainable action plan

Your business is only one part of who you are as a person. The goal-getting action plan you’ll develop in this module will be a reflection of that. You’ll finish Day 3…

  • with a sustainable plan you’ve designed for traction on your goal and measurable results by the end of 30 days
  • protecting time for work, rest and play in your day
  • a clear understanding of what you need to do – and when
  • how to prioritize on the fly because life is likely to throw you curve balls.

Day 4 – doing the work

Goal setting and planning are important but in order to achieve those goals you need to apply action. It’s pretty much the secret sauce of success. You’ll finish Day 4…

  • knowing the 4 mindset shifts that’ll speed up any goal-getting endeavour
  • protecting your unique approach to business and work
  • more efficient and productive through eliminating multitasking
  • working happier in your business because you’ll start to stack wins with every task you complete

instant access bonuses

While you wait for the Modules to begin opening on August 1st you’re gonna love having…

exclusive access to the August 2022 Vision Success Planner™

The Vision Success Planner™ is our innovative day planner carefully designed for entrepreneurs ready to write their success story on their terms. It’s a perfect fit for the 30-Day Success Formula.

If you’ve been looking for a planner that understands how important your goals are, this is the perfect opportunity to give this unique priority-based layout a test drive.


and you’re also going to get a $9 coupon code to use towards your purchase of the full planner for 2023


The Core Values Exercise

Give yourself a strong foundation to make aligned business decisions by clarifying and declaring your core values.

The Big Vision Workbook

Get clear on what you truly want from your business and life – and get excited to create the life you’ve been dreaming of.

What could your life look like a month from now if you SAID YES to getting your goals, your way?

We understand how valuable your time is. It’s absolutely precious. And instead of trying to crack the goal-getting formula for yourself over on Google, we’ve put it all here.

So you can spend that time working on your goals. Because your goals are important.

The total price of this program is $9. Yes. For real.

As a beta program, this is the only time we’ll offer it at this price point. At the end of the month, we’ll ask for your honest feedback.

And with our goal-getter guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose, and a brand new business outlook to gain.


The “Goal-Getter” Guarantee

We’re passionate about moving you out of busy and into productive. And we want to make sure that it’s as easy as possible for you and your precious time resources.

Enter the “Goal-Getter” Guarantee.

Take 14 days from the date of purchase to go through the training and if after that time you don’t have clarity,  your dreams are not defined or you don’t have an actionable plan to achieve one of your goals – we want you to reach out to us for a refund.

Simply email Jen or Lisa at and include in your email: Completed copies of your Big Vision Workbook, Core Values Exercise and Goal Stepping Sheets.

We’ll hit rewind, refund you, remove your course access and wish you success on all your future endeavours!

Click here for full Program Terms and Conditions.

What's Inside Hashtag Smashtag - Hashtag Strategy for Time-Strapped Entrepreneurs

Your four 30-Day Success Formula modules will unlock daily starting August 1st.

When You Enrol You’ll Get Instant Access to:

  1. Your Exclusive Copy of the August 2022 Planner
  2. The Core Values Exercise
  3. The Big Vision Workbook
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So you get the most out of the program, the doors will close on August 5th. Enrollments after August 1st will have all the modules released up to the date of sign up.