Important question for busy entrepreneurs

 who are high achievers in their 9 to 5 – but still haven’t reached their business goals
(and are already on their third cup of coffee)

If you could engineer a crystal clear, actionable plan to achieve your business goals – without all the “shoulds” clouding your passions and purpose…

…would you finally feel confident enough to commit to taking action on your biggest dreams?

Here’s why answering yes to that question could change the course of your business, your life and your bank account.

When you are able put your biggest dreams and goals ahead of all the “shoulds” you are energized and you are able to pour from a full cup – making sure that your needs are taken care of.

And when you show up energized in your life and in your business, your perfect people are drawn to you. 

If you feel like you need four more hours in the day to get it all done because your to-do list grows daily – the busy-work keeps piling up, at the expense of taking action towards your best life…

…then keep reading….

Let us know if this sounds familiar:

You started this side-hustle with every expectation of spending summers at the beach, drinking mimosas and watching your kids build sand castles – while your bank account grows on auto-pilot.

You bought all the books. Then you bought the audiobooks so you could listen while juggling laundry, dishes, hockey practice and “self-care”.

The “gurus” told you that 5am is the golden hour – but after a week of trying it out only to find you needed six cups of coffee to get you through the day, you’ve abandoned that ship.

And, you even invested in a standing desk so you can do Tree Pose while following up with clients via email.


You’re primed and ready to create a legacy – and ready for people to ask you how you did it.

But things haven’t quite worked out that way.

Every book is telling you to do something different – and you don’t know what to do next.

When a friend asks you how your business is going – your body tenses as you answer with the canned response of “busy” through that lump in your throat…all while hoping they don’t notice that you started sweating.

And you’re relieved they don’t ask how sales are going.

Then your kids outgrow another pair of shoes and now you need to find the time to get to the store with them in tow – because heaven forbid you buy shoes that either don’t fit just right – or are the “wrong colour” according to your 8 year old.  Also – they’d better make people comment on how fast your kid can now run.

As you add “buy new shoes – again” to your extra long to-list (and it’s already got stuff on there you planned to do last week but never got around to) you’re left wondering…


How is this my life?

With all the time and energy you already put into both your business and your personal life you deserve to ditch the never-ending to-do lists and write your success story on your own terms.

Imagine life when…the kids are in bed (and hey they didn’t even fight bath time tonight – winning!). Your kitchen is clean, your coffeemaker is set to auto-brew at 7am and you’ve just hit start on the dishwasher (and your partner loaded it tonight – double winning!). Sounds like wishful thinking, right? But it doesn’t have to be…

You deserve to feel excited to answer the question “how’s your business going”. 

You deserve to have your email ding to let you know you’ve made a sale. 

You deserve to have your head hit the pillow, knowing that you’ve already got a plan in place for tomorrow – and it includes a bubble bath if you feel like it.

We’re going to show you how this could be your reality.

But before we do – let’s talk about …

The 5 reasons that you’re stuck on the entrepreneur hamster wheel

Reason 1 : Believing that working harder is a direct path to success

,OK – to be totally clear here, we’re not against hard work.

What we take issue with is the belief that is installed in every new entrepreneur – that if you just work hard enough, success is a given.

But that’s not always true. Because if it were, everyone who worked hard would have exactly what they desire.

Except a lot of the time, they don’t.

So what do entrepreneurs start to do?

They work harder.
They start to look for new strategies that guarantee success.
They start doing things that feel so out of alignment they hate doing them – but they push through the feelings that they’re becoming used car salespeople.

And then they start to think that maybe entrepreneurship isn’t for them.

Are you nodding yet? If you’d said this to us in our first year in business, we’d be nodding too.

And we think that’s just NOT ok.

So what’s an ambitious entrepreneur to do, right?!

What you need instead:
A targeted, tailored (by you) and totally tamed plan for action. You deserve to drop the distracting shiny objects, or, as we call them, business squirrels. And it’s time to engineer a plan that works with BOTH your life and your business. A plan that takes into account your unique strengths and abilities while focusing on defined tasks that you can put directly into your day planner, where they can be easily tracked, and you can see exactly what needs to happen next.

Reason 2 : You’re a permanent resident of Busy Town

You started that to-do list 3 months ago with every intention of clearing it out by the end of day. Non-negotiable. Right?

And now you use it as a reminder of how busy you are.

You love to add items just so you can cross them off – because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as the swipe of your colour coordinated pens.

That to-do list is the armor you wear going in the battle you’re waging every day in your business – the one between the desire to be successful and the desire to have balance.

But here’s the good news – it doesn’t need to be an either or situation.

And you don’t need to stay in Busy Town – which seemed like a utopia where dreams come true at first, but now feels like you’re trapped in a giant dome you can see through but can’t get out of.

What you need instead:
To redirect all that energy you’re spending on being busy into becoming productive. And the first step of moving out of busy and into productive is getting crystal clear on what it is you truly desire. So you can ditch the tasks that are adding zero value to your life.

Reason 3 : “Who has time for that?!” is your catchphrase

Pretty sure that every entrepreneur everywhere has said this a time or two. Or twenty.

And yeah – when you’re juggling dozens of roles as a human being all at once, it can be hard to find the time.

And the “just make the time” one-liner we hear so much, totally ignores the reality that most entrepreneurs face – time is a highly valuable resource.

It’s a valuable resource that a lot of people and projects want a piece of – and there’s only so much to go around.

What you need instead:
Move to a priority based planning method. Shifting to a very specific strategy for tackling tasks – one that focuses on the highest priority tasks first, and, with a “one at a time” approach is a difference maker. It’s truly the best way to “make time” for both your business and your personal life.

Reason 4 : You dive into new goals with gusto, but quickly lose steam as time goes on

Pop quiz – what was the last goal that lit you up?

Don’t worry – it’s not graded.

We’ve all got that one goal that got away.  You know the one…it had you so fired up that you were still awake at 3 am thinking about it.

You dove in head first – and worked your little tail off for a period.

And things got hard and overwhelming. And you were SO tired of justifying all the time and money you were spending on trying to achieve an end point that didn’t seem to be getting any closer that you decided to release that particular goal back to the wild.

Now, we know you’re ambitious and that when one goal disappears, another one appears in its place.

But what if there was a way to maintain motivation from start to finish on your goals. Big ones. Little ones. All the goals.

What you need instead:
Anchor your why with a powerful Vision Board. Having a visual anchor of your goals, your why and how you want to show up every day is the key to maintaining motivation. And when things go astray, you question whether this goal is meant for you. Spoiler alert: it is absolutely meant for you!

Reason 5 : You’re shoulding all over yourself

Should is a word that should be used with incredible caution.

Do these sound familiar?

“ You should do it this way”
“ You should be a *insert any profession here* because you’re SO GOOD at *insert what you’re really good at here*”
“You should try harder”
“You should have achieved that by now”
“You should….”

Etc. Etc. Etc.

But here’s the thing about being told “you should” – it reduces down to a single thing – being told that you’re not enough, just as you are.

And, dear one, that is simply a bold faced lie.

When we live our lives based on “shoulds”, we start to lose what we really WANT. And we start to confuse what we truly want and what we think we should want.

We’re here to tell you that’s just not ok.

What you need instead:
To reconnect with your core values. If the actions you take in your business are the vehicles that carry you over the finish line, then your core values are the engine, the gasoline and the map that propels that vehicle  in the right direction. 

…the good news is…

Taking back control of your to-do list is step one of living your dream life – and it’s so much easier to do than you think


Have you ever stopped to wonder why some entrepreneurs make balancing all the things in their life seem so easy – and some of us only have enough time to throw our hair up in a mom bun before getting down to business?

What on earth are they doing that makes it so easy for them – and makes us ask “how can I do that too?”

What’s their secret?

We’re going to spill the beans here – they focus on being productive instead of busy.

And, once they learn that focusing on productivity is quite literally one of the most important ingredients to side-hustle success (when you’ve, you know, got a million other things going on too), it is a complete game changer.

But if that’s the secret, you may wonder…

How on earth do I move from busy to productive?

The answer lies in our simple Vision Board Course system.

It’s so much more than just another success planning system. It’s a clarity and growth system – one that’s duplicatable for every single goal in your life.

The Vision Board Course provides you with a 100% complete system that helps take you from goal to done – on your own terms. It allows you to:

  1. Get reacquainted with your big visions, the goals that light you up and fall back in love with possibility.
  2. Leverage your time and do it in a way that feels good, allows you to spend time in all the areas that are important to you and still prioritize the tasks that will move your business forward.
  3. Accelerate productivity by moving to a Priority Based Planning model – where you tackle your to-do list in a concise manner. Starting with the high priority tasks and focusing on a single task at a time.
  4. Commit to taking decisive action by reducing the overwhelm of wondering what to do next – you don’t need to build a whole house at once, just a brick at a time
  5. Generate an easy to follow “goal-getting” plan that is a reflection of your core values, your skill sets and your big vision – right away.

Because here’s the thing….

You deserve to feel in control of how your business is run and in how you define success.

And the path to get there is simple, straight forward and totally within your reach.

Meet Lisa & Jen – the priority based planning experts

When we’re not doing all the mom things (and with six human kids and two fur kids between us – there’s a lot of mom things going on at our houses) – we’re finding new ways to level up our productivity and then passing all our secrets to our private coaching clients. 

We understand busy – Mirriam-Webster asked us if we wanted to be the visual in their dictionary (not really…but they should have).

Podcast? Check.
World’s first priority based day planner (aka Vision Success Planner™)? Check.
Hundreds of women through our Vision Board and planning process? Check.

Getting stuck on the hamster wheel of busy. No WAY.


Been there, done that, have the well-worn t-shirts.

But not anymore.

We’re for showing up and doing the work to get your business off the ground – and then get consistent so it grows. 

We’re even more for doing it in a way that keeps your strategy in line with your energy needs.

We’ve found our own clarity and success with this particular approach to vision boarding and success planning as a piece of the puzzle.

From the first little fire in your belly to all-out success, we’re here to support you doing it in a way that doesn’t want to make you run for the hills.

We’re not reinventing the business wheel here – but we are going to help you get it spinning in the right direction.


the vision board course

A self-paced, step by step Vision Board and Action-planning System to help you get focused,

dig deep to define your dreams and plan for success on your own terms

We’ve spent nearly 4 years working with motivated women like you…

  • Women who were ready to make the shift from feeling busy to becoming productive 
  • Who were tired of filling everyone else’s bucket first and tackling their own goals with less motivation than a sleepy sloth 
  • Strong entrepreneurs who were looking to create a flexible plan that bends and shifts the same way their life does – while ditching the guilt
  • Women who wanted to take back control of how they spent time in their day so they had the opportunity to do great things in their business

The result has been..

This unique and easy to follow Vision Board and Success Planning System that supports you to create a personalized, crystal clear action plan that puts your goals at the top of your to-do list.

See what’s inside below….

Module 1 - Creating a powerful Vision Board

Now, you might be thinking…

“a Vision Board…really? I don’t even have time to drink my coffee while it’s still hot – how on earth is a Vision Board going to help me make my side hustle a success?!”

But…this is where the magic of moving from busy to productive starts.

We’re going to walk you through building a strong foundation of dreams and goals, giving you a place to start planning out strategically how to make it all happen.

Remember that moving into productivity mode is all about getting clear on what you really want (and weeding out the dreams that other people believe you should want for yourself).

By the time you’ve completed Module 1, you’re going to have total clarity around what you truly desire and a powerful vision board that will serve as a daily anchor for decision making (hellooooo to knowing when to say yes and when to say no).

Here’s how you’ll get there:

Defining your core values
This is not just a personal core value exercise – it can be used for your biz too. And it’s the first brick you need to place in order to build a solid foundation – you’ll be able to come back to this every time you’re making an important decision.

+ Understanding your strengths
And we’re not talking about what you can bench press at the gym. But rather – all the unique things that make up YOU. You deserve to recognize the things that you’re amazing at and share them with the world.

Exploring what lights you up
Remember the cool things that 14 year-old you thought you’d have in your life already? Time to tap back into that energy – because you’re never too old to fall in love with what you’re doing with your life.

+ Unblocking your dreams
It’s high time to ditch those dream gremlins. You know the ones…they hand you a dream and then tell you it’s not for you? Yeah, those ones. This is a space to dream without limitation – a zero judgey-gremlin zone.

+ Clarifying what you really want
Other peoples’ goals creeping onto your to-do list? Yeah – it happens to us too. But working through Module 1 will help to separate your “true to heart” goals from all the other “shoulds”.

+ Creating a Powerful Vision Board
Not every vision board is created equal. Using our unique system, you’ll build out a Vision Board that highlights YOUR big goals and big visions. And you can make either a digital or physical board – and no glitter required (unless you love it, then you do you).

The technical deets:
– Immediate access (we’ll send your login info on signup)
– Printable PDF workbook containing all the exercises for this module
– 4 video trainings

Module 2 - Taking Defined Action

If a Vision Board starts the magic – having a plan for defined action is a fairy godmother in disguise.

And she’s going to help you turn that mouse running around a never-ending hamster wheel into a powerful stallion that’s going to get you straight to Successtown* (*on a map that you’ve drawn).

This is where all those big dreams you committed to in Module 1 will scale into a blueprint that you can outline, action and achieve.

You’re going to be so relieved to move out of overwhelm and into calm…like this whole side-hustle thing could actually be a success (without spending all your waking hours on it).

By the time you’ve completed Module 2, you’ll have a fully actionable plan in place and know *exactly* what to tackle next on your to-do list.

Here’s how you’ll get there:

+ Plan out your goal-getting steps
The difference between a dream and a goal is…a plan for action. Starting with the outcome in mind, you’ll reverse engineer all the steps you need to take to go from where you are right now to where you dream about getting to. And you’ll be able to drink your coffee hot while tackling that to-do list of yours. Because you’ll know exactly what steps to take next (even if stuff comes up – and it will…because….life).

+ Align your actions with your goals
When you’re a multi-passionate mamabear, you probably have a lot of high priority tasks in your day. But when you’re able to know the deep why of any action you take, you can identify routine tasks that aren’t adding any value to your life. And then either ditch them, delegate them or do them with more efficiency.

+ Implement some simple manifestation strategies
Taking action will always get you there faster – and a little support from the Universe is never a bad thing, right?

+ Act and lead with gratitude
Want to grow your belief in your abilities? Leading with gratitude and acknowledging the promises you’ve made to yourself and kept are the best way to do that.

+ Recognize when to rest
Hey there mama – a quick reminder that you can’t pour from an empty cup – and you deserve to serve (yourself and others) from a full cup. And if you need permission to make time for rest – we’re giving it to you in a champagne glass, whether you invest in this program or not.

+ Celebrate every win
Pop the streamers you go getter! Because you get to celebrate every. single. win. in your business and in your life. And we’re happy to virtually celebrate with you – because that belief in yourself? This is the final key to unlocking it.

The technical deets:
– Immediate access (we’ll send your login info on signup)
– Printable PDF workbook containing all the exercises for this module
– 4 video trainings

And go from “to-do” to “did-it” even faster
with these time saving bonuses

💠 7 ready to use Canva templates for easy digital vision board creation. Sized for both  letter sized printing and  phone wallpaper – a fully make-it and take-it solution!
💠 29 pre-made popular vision board images, ready to print, cut and paste 

Get instant access today for only $197 $37

I usually look for more practical workshops like “how to grow sales”. But since creating my board, I now have dreams I can focus on. I have made connections that will advance my dreams if we are ever allowed to go out to play again.

Being a business owner is a very lonely position. Your family doesn’t really get it and your friends especially don’t get it. I would recommend the workshop, especially for someone who needs to focus on their vision. Most of us have one – but writing it down gives it substance.


Kathleen Leach

Pharmacist/Owner, Sutherland's Pharmacy

The “Goal-Getter” Guarantee

We’re passionate about moving you out of busy and into productive. And we want to make sure that it’s as easy as possible for you and your precious time resources.

Enter the “Goal-Getter” Guarantee.

Take 30 days to go through the training and if after 30 days you don’t have clarity,  your dreams are not defined or you don’t have an actionable plan to achieve one of your goals – we want you to reach out to us for a refund.

Simply email Jen or Lisa at and include in your email:

  1. Copies of both completed workbooks.
  2. A screenshot or picture of your completed Vision Board.
  3. One fully completed reverse-engineered goal plan for an item on your Vision Board.

We’ll hit rewind, refund you and wish you success on all your future endeavours!

Click here for full Program Terms and Conditions.

Questions that your fellow motivated, multi-passionate side-hustling mamas ask before saying yes to THE VISION BOARD COURSE


I love the idea of taking back control of my own success - but even my calendar needs a calendar because of how much is on there - how much time is this going to take me?

Yup –  we feel you on that one!

We’ve been the ones stuffing just one last thing onto our to-do list like we’re cramming for an exam worth 100% of our final grade.

Time is your most valuable resource these days – and it feels like if there were just a few more hours on the clock, everything would finally fall into place.

But here’s the thing, the clock is gonna tick by just the same no matter what’s on your to-do list – so we’ve made it as easy as possible to go through The Vision Board Course at your own pace.

With lifetime access to the program, videos that max out at 30 minutes and workbook exercises that can each be filled out in tiny pockets of time – you’ll be through the content lickety-split.

And at the end of it all, you’ll have a plan in place that gets other peoples’ priorities off your to-do list so you have the time to spend on the things that matter most to you.

You’re already spending the time in your day wearing dozens of different hats – so let’s get the hat changes more efficient and give away the ones that no longer fit.

I’ve already made a Vision Board with a group of friends - I think I might have thrown it away or maybe it’s hiding in the back of my closet - and it was fun but it didn’t really work for me.

Wine, a group of friends and big dreams?

That’s a fun time FOR SURE.

And those Vision Boards have their place. 

Module 1 is going to give you 100% clarity on what you truly desire – something that a fun cut and paste night with your besties can’t do. And we’re not just talking about “things” to go on your board here – we’re talking dreams and goals aligned with your core values and your unique strengths.

Module 2 of the Vision Board Course is going to make all the difference – because it goes where most vision board workshops and trainings don’t… planning for defined action.

A dream without a solid plan to achieve it is going to keep it in a dream state. The moment you tie it to a specific set of actions, it becomes 100% doable.

And you’re going to love having a plan that fits into your current life – no massive adjustments needed (unless you want that).

But I don’t want to give up my to-do list or current day planner! It’s the only way I can remember to do anything these days.

We are a little bit in love with to-do lists, especially when they’re colour coded.

And we’re not asking you to abandon your to-do list if you are in a committed relationship with it.

But we’re going to show you how to upgrade your to-do list so that not only does stuff get done, it gets done in a way that makes your use of time more efficient, and, consistently moves you in the direction of your dreams.

Even if you’re not a to-do list fan and prefer a day planner, you’re going to finish up the Vision Board Course with a solid understanding of how to block out your day based on priority rather than time.

The Vision Board Course can be used with any existing planner system – no need to invest in a new method if the one you’re using is already working for you.

And we’ve just got to mention this as well – you’ll be able to sort through what to say yes and no to based on your current priority. And that’s a ridiculously powerful skill to have.

I’ve read so many books on Vision Boards, productivity and how to be a “goal-getter” - how is the vision board course different?

That’s an excellent question!

Because we’ve probably read the same books and know how much value they can add to life and business.

What you’re getting when you invest in the Vision Board Course, is an easy to follow, duplicatable action planning system that will help you to integrate:

+ your deepest desires AND
+ a realistic plan you create, schedule and take action on to accomplish all your goals (no goal is too big or too little in this system – they ALL matter)

We haven’t been able to find another program on the market that dives so deeply into this integration. 

And sure –  you could maybe create your own Success Planning System from all the resources you’ve got on hand – but we’ve already done all of the work to create a system that works.

Think of how much time you get to save by not trying to DIY a strategy.

I’m kind of known for getting sucked into true crime documentary rabbit holes on Netflix - will I still have time to have some fun with this system?

No need to leave behind your Netflix playlist with this system – in fact, we’re never going to tell you what your priorities should be.

So if you want to make a Netflix marathon is prioritized in your day – you get to do just that.

In fact, the ability to get sucked into unusual rabbit holes is going to work in your favour.

Because here’s the kicker:

This program will help you to unlock the motivation to move forward on your deepest passions. And then to keep giving it the same energy as your amateur detective work – imagine all the mysteries you’ll be able to solve that have nothing to do with true crime!

You’ve already got all the skills – curiosity, a desire for success and the drive to do better in your business – you need at your disposal to translate well to working on AND in your business.

Let’s level up, buttercup!

(and we’re not just talking next episode on Netflix kind of energy here)

I’m worried that I’ll make my Vision Board and success plan and then get sidetracked - is there anything inside the program that will help me to avoid this?

There sure is!

Trying to balance everything in your life, from motherhood to business and ALL the things in between can be a lot and it can feel easy to let things that feel less important fade into the background.

The truth is, turning any new system into a habit takes some commitment and doing things that push at the edges of your comfort zone. Every single day.

And while we can’t promise that this will suddenly transform your business – when you commit to taking small action steps each day in the direction of your dreams, we can promise that it gets easier to do.

And we’ve included a section in Module 1 that will help to figure out what to do with your completed Vision Board – so that your motivation to push through the times when things don’t feel so easy stays strong.

Can you remind me of what I’m getting today when I enroll today for $37?

You betcha!

You’ll get instant access to:
(a) Module 1 – Creating a powerful Vision Board
Gain total clarity around what it is you truly desire and a powerful vision board that will serve as a daily anchor for decision making

(b) Module 2 – Taking Defined Action
Design your unique and fully actionable plan in place and know *exactly* what to tackle next on your to-do list.

AND accelerate your vision board creation with these bonuses as well:

(a) Premade Vision Board cards
Ready-made images to print and put right onto your Vision Board.

(b) Digital Vision Board Canva Templates
Fast-track your digital Vision Board creation in Canva with our pre-made templates ready for dragging and dropping your images – both letter sized and phone wallpaper versions available.

Get instant access today for only $197 $37

You’re ready to build out your unique vision and success plan if:


  1. Even though you’re grateful for what you’ve already accomplished, you know that you’re destined for “more” – and that “more” has nothing to do with what other people want for you. You believe that your dreams finally deserve more than just an honourable mention on your to-do list.
  2. You’re done with adding things to your to-do list just so you can cross them off – all that ever seems to get you is a to-do list that never gets to the end. And you know it’s time to take targeted action in your business with a strategy that’s a lot less hamster wheel and way more launch pad kinda energy.
  3. You’ve already gotten some traction on some of your goals – the “how” might sometimes feel a bit murky but you’ve got a pretty good grasp of the basics already. You just need to make all the steps you’ve still got to take feel less overwhelming.
  4. You’ve got no problem working in small pockets of time in a jam-packed schedule – because that’s all it takes to find success with this system… just small but consistent daily actions towards your goals – and you’ve got total control over how it fits into your day.
  5. And honestly, you’re already spending at least an hour a day working in your business – and you know that the only way forward is to take action. The problem is though….you’re taking daily actions without a clear path from point “doing-it” to point “did-it”.
  6. You know a Vision Board could transform your business but are not sure how to turn it into action – because while a Vision Board is an awesome tool to have in your business toolbox, it can only really work if you pair it with a plan to take action on those big goals and dreams.
  7. You’re totally aware that taking back control of your to-do list is make it or break it at this point – and you’re ready to fall squarely into that make it column. You know that by landing there, you’re opening up to scaling your business in a sustainable way and to show up for your clients with a mindset of “yes, this girl can!” 
  8. Reading this has fired up and excited about what’s possible for you and your business – let’s not overcomplicate it, right? Having a solid, duplicatable and consistent engine to get you from dream to done is how to stack success on top of success. Imagine ditching the guilt you sometimes get for spending time doing something just for you – because you’ve worked it in to your day – it’s like a signed permission slip saying “you deserve to rest and just spending time in pure play”.

    And finally….


9. You’ve got confidence in taking the next 30 days to give The Vision Board Course a real shot in helping you redefine what’s important and nail down the motivation to take action on what’s most important not only for your business, but for you as just YOU. Because as long as you’re willing to commit and give this system a real shot at working for you, we can guarantee that you’ll come out at the end of these 30 days with more clarity on what it is you truly want – and more importantly, the path you need to take to get it done. Like the true #bossbabe we know you are.

Were you nodding along?

Initially, I was not sure how the experience would go or if I would make use of it.

Since creating my board, I moved my family into a better home and implemented perseverance and drive into my career through connections – all things I included on my Vision Board!

Although, I have not achieved everything I put on my board, I am headed in the right direction.

It was great taking the time to relax and meditate on my thoughts regarding my present and future plans. Setting aside time for me in this way and quieting daily demands was important. 

I would recommend this workshop. It was a fun and informative experience. It brought clarity to my path, wants and needs.


Michelle Stewart

Waste Water Treatment Operator

By now, you’ve figured out that the quickest path to achieving success on your own terms is…

Step One – Getting Clear on all your goals and leaving all the “shoulds” in the recycle bin where they belong

Step Two – Engineering a unique plan to achieve those goals – without a radical shift in how you live your life or run your business.

It really IS that simple.

So…if you’re still with us (hey there!) – let’s get right to it, shall we?

If you’re a side-hustling mompreneur who is looking for a system that gives you back control over your time…you need The Vision Board Course

If you’ve got a list of goals that you know will leave a legacy when you achieve them but they’re sitting dusty on a virtual shelf in your brain….you need The Vision Board Course

If you’ve spent more time than you care to admit reading books about productivity and success but struggle to implement their strategies because it feels like WAY too much work for a payoff that’s not exactly guaranteed….you need The Vision Board Course

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